Barry Porsch for County Court Judge - Seneca County's Bipartisan Candidate

Republican, Working Families, and Women's Equality

November 6, 2018 General Election

General Election

Seneca County District Attorney Barry Porsch (elected and serving as a Republican-Democrat) is a candidate for Seneca County Court Judge in the November 6, 2018 general election on the Republican, Working Families, and Women's Equality Parties.  Barry is  not accepting any donations in this election.  Barry believes it is unethical to accept money from attorneys and parties who may be appearing before him in court.

Porsch is huge winner in petition process

Thank you to the voters and campaign workers who made the petition process a big success.

Porsch is Huge Winner in Petition Process (pdf)


Follow the special interest money

Just say no to special interests. 

Follow the Special Interest Money (pdf)



The Working Familes Party.

Seneca Falls Police Union.

United Steeworkers of America local 3298.

Candidate ratings

Don't be fooled by phony photos of a candidate holding a gun or a candidate who joined the NRA or a sportmen's club this summer just for this election. There is only one candidate with an "A" rating among outdoor men and women and 2nd Admendment supporters. See the Shopper ad page 11 Sept 10 2018 (pdf)


Seneca County Proud

Seneca County's Working Class Candidate -- Making our County proud.

Yard Signs

Additional Information

Our yard signs  have arrived

The Platform

Serving The Community

Barry Porsch is the candidate of 3 parties.  Porsch has been part of Seneca County for most of his life, working tirelessly to make it a better and safer place.

United By A Common Goal

Barry Porsch knows the value of hard work and honest goverment.  That's why he's running for election for County Court Judge.  Help us help you.

Get Involved

Barry Porsch can't win this race without your help.  Please vote for Porsch on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.